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What is Symbolico?

Symbolico is an art agency and consultancy, specialising in helping emerging artists gain recognition and build their portfolio. We offer a one step solution for emerging artists offering various services to promote them on the global art market. Please visit our About Us page for more information.

What kind of artists we promote?

We promote artists from various backgrounds not limiting ourselves to any borders both geographical or art trends. We have a vast network of key stakeholders, including () to offer our artists best services

Is Symbolico the best in the industry?

There are no other companies offering to this type of services to

Where do you get your industry connections of art gallery owners etc?

Thanks to the partnership with Gammas Art Gallery and others we were able to

What are the benefits for artists to use Symbolico's services?

We help emerging aritsts

What is the minimum term and can I prolong the membership?

Yes you can

How much do I exactly pay?

You pay the membership price and 10%. Unlike other art consultants who normally charge 50-60% commision we

How are you finding clients for my art?

We have a vast network. Upon reviewing your portfolio and asking for its update. We

Do you work globaly?


How much assistance am I going to receive?

We arrange a fortnight calls

When shall I expect to receive the results?

This is a popular question. Results may be received within a week or months of contacting the key stakeholders. It will depend on whether the stakeholders see your art differently

Are there any hidden charges?

No. Upon signing the contract you will see all the charges that are included in your membership

How to become an affiliated artist?

Once registering your interest through the website you need to send us an email with your CV and portfolio. Upon reviewing it we will arrange a phone call with you to discuss your business goals as well as your requirements for your portfolio.

How to become an affiliate art consultant?

Send us an email

Do you have more questions?

Feel free to send us an email with your questions via