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Art Consultancy

We offer state of the art consultancy services for art collectors, museum curators, gallery owners and interior designers so you can discover the perfect artworks for you.


We provide our clients with sophisticated artworks ensuring we meet their highest expectations. Sourcing and commissioning art pieces from the most sought-after as well as little known talents ready to shake the foundations of the art industry we ensure we meet your highest expectations.

We work directly with thousands of emerging artists globally, which have passed our rigorous screening process to offer you what others can't - an individual selection of yet unrecognised talents, which soon may rise in popularity, value and exclusivity.

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Selecting artworks is an art in itself

We see art differently and employ our knowledge of art trends as well as our vast portfolio of artists to bring you an exquisite and rare selection of artworks. We believe that each client has unique needs and preferences, which is why our art consultancy services are specifically tailored to you.

If you are looking to experience a perfect synergy of art and your tastes we are here to help!

Global experts in the field of art - Symbolico has played a major role in shifting the perception of the outdated art industry world!