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The art industry of today is a very elitist and traditional market place, which is difficult to access and even harder to enjoy longevity. Even experienced artists find it difficult to gain recognition from art galleries, museum curators and private art collectors since often the industry experts do not respond to a direct approach from artists. This makes it hard for even the most talented artists to get recognised and sell artworks.


We believe art is and should be for all, hence we are changing the foundations of the art industry. We give talented artists a chance to get noticed and become established worldwide. At Symbolico we care about nurturing budding artists from various backgrounds all over the world and encourage individuals to flourish throughout.

We use our vast connections in the art industry to help your artworks be found by the right institutions. Our network spans from art gallery owners, private museum directors, art dealers to private art collectors, wealth managers, interior designers and art advisors. The exposure artists' works receive will help them gain recognition and become established globally.

We liaise and communicate with parties on your behalf so you can concentrate on what is important - making your amazing art pieces!


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Symbolico is a one step solution to all your business goals. We are here to simplify the process of discovery and help you expand your business potential!

Time is money!

That is why we pitch your artworks to our network of hundreds of galleries, art dealers and interior designers so you can spend your time on what's important - making your amazing art pieces, while we do the rest

The application process is easy

Strategic call

During the introduction call we will explain our services in more depth and will work closely with you identifying your goals and requirements.

upload artworks

A member of our team will assist you in uploading your works so that we can start identifying the right business connections who may be interested in buying or commissioning your works.

Designing your strategy

We will then start designing your strategy to identify key stakeholders that match your requirements and will pitch your works via calls, emails and meetings.

We take it from here

We focus on promoting your media profile, developing your artistic reputation and helping the discovery of your artworks.

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Silver Membership

Silver membership will give you access to the worldwide network of art lovers wanting to experience a new type of art! Your artworks will be pitched to hundreds of art galleries and interior designers ready to invest in and popularize your talent

Gold Membership

Gold membership is for experienced artists wanting to attract greater attention through publications and leveraging on strategic planning. In addition to our business network from Silver Membership you will be pitched to private art collectors and wealth managers around the world to sell or get commissions on your artworks

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Platinum Membership

With Platinum Membership you will be getting all the benefits from Gold Membership and much more! We will be helping you write press releases, plan your publicity and attend various private art events in the world capital of art, London, to promote you and your art. We will help you create a database of your works, which will be beneficial for your strategic planning as well as for uploading your works to various online art platforms

If you want to ask us any questions or if you have any specific requests we are here to help!


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