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At Symbolico we are global experts in the field of art and play a major role in shifting the dated perception of the art industry

About us


In the modern era of technological and cultural innovations, we believe the art industry was left behind. Since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Mona Lisa phenomenon, the art industry has seen little change in the way its operations are conducted. Such business models are a hindrance to what makes the industry special; the discovery of unique artists.


Throughout our years of operating, we have experienced exceptional talents unable to find a way in the exclusive world of art business due to its overly complex nature. We are therefore here to update market conditions and eventually change this. With our sister company Gammas Art Gallery, hundreds of emerging artists have been encouraged to express themselves and reach a vast audience of collectors, corporate clients and industry experts.

We are a global player in the art industry, overseeing international operations from the capital of art business in Berkeley Square, London. We provide promotional services to emerging artists through our art agency division and expertise in the modern art market to trade clients through our art consultancy division.

Symbolico Art Gallery - Art Agency & Consultancy


We believe that art should be accessible for all. Therefore, we provide talented artists with the chance to gain recognition and become well established worldwide. At Symbolico we seek to nurture budding artists from various backgrounds all over the world and encourage individuals to flourish throughout their career.

Using our vast connections in the industry, we make sure your artworks are discovered by the right institutions; from gallery owners, private museum directors, art dealers to private art collectors, wealth managers, art advisors and interior designers. To do this, we focus on promoting your media profile and developing your artistic reputation.


We communicate and liaise with key stakeholders on your behalf so that you can direct your attention to what is most important; creating amazing pieces!

Art is our passion, which is why we are transforming the industry and unlocking its full potential!

We offer top tier consultancy services for art collectors, museum curators, gallery owners, interior designers and commercial businesses so that you can discover the perfect artwork to suit your needs. In order to do this, we source and commission art pieces from well-known artists as well as emerging talents ready to shake the foundations of the industry and meet your highest expectations.

We work directly with thousands of emerging artists globally, so that wherever you are we are able to deliver what others can't.

Having the ability to perfectly select the right art piece to fit the correct space is what differentiates an amateur from the professional